Servant in the Making

My name is Kyle Melvin and it appears I am going to try my hand at writing. This blog is entitled with a bit of play on words of a couple things that thrill my heart. I love coffee for one and I think the grace of God is breathtaking, and I feel it takes some caffeinated words to attempt to illustrate the unmerited kindness that He pours out on His children. This blog is hopeful in giving some simple illustrations and encouragement that points your day a degree or two more toward God’s beauty.

I am simply a young man seeking to be a servant in this life to God Almighty. One thing that motivates me is the short yet deep thought that this life is incredibly short and eternity is unfathomably long; that challenges me to examination and the change of life pursuits when necessary, which has happened over the last couple years. I am from Paintsville, Kentucky where my teenage years had foundation in a strong youth group as well as short term mission work from the age of fourteen to present-day. The end of my teenage years was rather unfocused lending chances of the life I have now quite slim. By God’s grace upon His child, I have seen open doors for growth. Two years ago, I found out about a Hispanic ministry needing help, which seemed to be a good opportunity for my novice hands, so I drove to Texas for six weeks. Additionally, the last two summers I have had the opportunity to preach at a congregation in California. I have come to realize that my life absolutely must always be about my Father’s business as I continually fall in love with the beauty that overflows from heaven. I am currently a student at the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies in Knoxville, Tennessee to prepare me for a life of a servant. Technology is one way to access the world as a spokesperson for God’s unmerited kindness and I pray that, no matter the medium through which I speak, my words are caffeinated enough to represent my Lord well.


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